Sunday, September 26, 2010

Double Barrel

Two instalments of Teratogenesis as we move into the busiest five weeks of the serial so far.  In fact, there’ll be an average of two posts a week for the next month, which will account for about a sixth of the story come the end of October.  I told you things were picking up pace.

Tomorrow’s is especially important, but might not seem so for a few weeks.

Even in fiction as strange as Teratogenesis, you have to draw on your own experiences, probably especially so for weird fiction.  So, in writing about Rudi’s “aches and pains” I’ve drawn on almost all of the injuries I’ve had over the years and addressed the issues of both the terrible growing pains I had as a kid and the Typist’s Gout I seem to be developing in my hands.  It’s important to sympathise, rather than just emphasise, with the character as I write.  After all, if I can’t do, how can you, the reader?

I’ve also had to start using a spreadsheet to keep track of the soundtrack.  When the serial is complete, I’ll see about assembling a Spotify soundtrack and posting a link on here.