Monday, November 29, 2010

A mean streak and an appetite.

Yeah, those knots I mentioned yesterday…
One of the odd things about having Teratogenesis update at random intervals is – was – the way that you occasionally get two posts back to back.
One of the other odd things is discovering new music via the soundtrack to each chapter.  I was aware of Pete Dolving via The Haunted, but their music is just a bit heavier than I usually listen to.  BringTheWarHome is quite different again, folkier and bluesier, but still rooted in rock music.  A pleasant surprise.
Other options for this weeks soundtrack were Lullaby for Cain by Sinead O’Connor (far too chilling) and Cain and Abel by Louis Armstrong (not nearly chilling enough.)  While I’ll usually go with Satchmo every time, sometimes sacrifices must be made.  If you’ll excuse the pun…

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Tying a knot

Well, there are a full seven chapters of Teratogenesis left and in tying up the loose ends, there will have to be some twists.

I originally planned for Teratogenesis to divide into four seasonal acts.  But the middle and the end are a bit longer than I planned, although the last six weeks are almost a complete story in themself.

This chapter is actually almost a full week late and I’ve had to battle a cold to get it out on time.  But, it’s up and that’s what matters.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Cashing In?

Typical, typical…
Well, it looks like this out about a month before my projected April release for Teratogenesis.
So this is the issue: do I hammer the editing for Teratogenesis and get the ebook out for February or do I ride a wave of full moon fever and bore myself to death saying “…no, this was serialized last year and was being developed three years before that…”
Incidentally, another bout of synchronicity emerged in choosing the song for the latest chapter.  I wanted a Nirvana song because of the last line of the entry and I was checking the background to the songs when I noticed a reference to pennyroyal being an ingredient in the Ancient Greek drink kykeon, a beer made with ergotised malt…

Sunday, November 14, 2010

We Face Our Consequence

There are only about six weeks left of Teratogenesis now.  This breaks down to about half a dozen posts.  I’ve got pretty much everything plotted now, barring synchronicity’s gifts and I’m definitely going to avoid a Lost style ending, so there are a few loose ends to tie up and decisions to make on whether there will be time to introduce some of the things I’ve left in the background.

I should have been posting links back to the beginning on a regular basis, probably at least once a quarter, but then this is very much a learning exercise.  Actually reading that first entry again, I’m surprised how much is foreshadowed.  The big worry I’ve had about this project was the tone becoming patchy and inconsistent.  But then, that’s what editing is for.

A definite image of the finished project is emerging.  Not only will the Teratogenesis ebook contain the complete and corrected text, but it will also have the two missing posts and a framing narrative by Trudie.  I’m even tempted to create a mock up of the Inquistor’s pamphlet mentioned a few posts back, but we’ll see about that later.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

“…She was raised by beasts…”

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s Teratogenesis, here is the next instalment.  It’s tearing along at a good old pace now.

As with every Teratogenesis, this one has a song at the end, in this case it’s Heathen Child from the latest Grinderman album.  I choose the songs by searching for a specific word or phrase, usually on Spotify or Last.Fm so I can hear it first if I’m not familiar with the song.  Today’s word was “heathen” after the description of King Lykaon and the Wolves of Arcadia (awesome name for a band.)

I was resigned to choosing something off the David Bowie album of the same name, probably Afraid or Slipping Away, and being a bit subtle.  But subtlety has gone out the window now.  So I chose Heathen Child instead.

When I was generating the widget, I saw the artwork.

Thank you once again, Synchronicity.

It’s a wolf, with Classical statuary in the background.  If I were going to draw it myself, I’d have have just left the mirrors off.


This latest instalment of Teratogenesis has been the hardest to write so far.

Not only am I trying to contend with the increased schedule of the serial but I’m suffering with a couple of mental and physical ailments as well.  Namely a nightmare that was like David Lynch’s Marxist version of Hellraiser and whatever-the-hell-I-did to my knee on the way back from the shop.

But these are ultimately only distractions and I’m a year into this now, it’s too far to falter at the last step.  Even if it takes me three bloody attempts…

Monday, November 1, 2010

…In Fabula

Not only is Teratogenesis getting denser, it’s also getting darker.  Rudy’s past has been pretty much kept quiet so far, but it is becoming increasingly relevant.

I’m not sure how much I want to define the werewolves in Teratogenesis.  So far all I know is:

  • They change at the full moon.
  • They are vulnerable to silver.
  • They have unnaturally sharp senses, even to the point that they can blur the line between dream and memory.

There are a few other things as well, like the origin of the werewolf and how someone becomes a werewolf, but I’ll keep them under wraps for now.  There is some other detail, but I’m not sure how relevant it’s going to be to Teratogenesis.

Also, it’s only just occurred to me that the first, non-Teratogenesis piece of writing I’ve posted is called “Crying Wolf…”