Saturday, September 17, 2016

In A Strange New Room

Four years.  Four years since the last post on here, and, no, Bedlam isn't finished.  It's not that surprising, given the demands life makes of us, that some things will fall by the wayside.  The trick is not to lose them, to remember where they are and pick them up again later.

While Bedlam isn't finished, something else is:  Exercise One.

A collection of seven short ghost stories, some of which may be familiar to those of you who have been following my Scribd page.  Nothing was written especially for Exercise One, but everything was edited and "remastered" for publication.  As the title suggests, it's a technical test for self-publishing and there will be more to come later.

I'll also try and get back into the habit of posting here on a regular basis.  In the mean time, I'll probably try and clear up some of the old projects, too.