Friday, April 29, 2011

Inch By Bloody Inch…

Progress is being made on the second draft of Teratogenesis.  Slow progress but progress, nonetheless.
I’ll be honest, the short story a week is dead in the water.  I’ve simply had more on my plate with other things than to churn out four thousand words every week.  Or month.
There will be more being posted on Scribd, but there is a fair amount up in the air at the minute.
I’m not even going to put a date on when Teratogenesis will be done.  I’ll do my second draft, then I’ll ask for volunteers and try the same “distributed proof-reading” they do on Project Gutenberg.  Then I might see about getting an expert in to look at the final draft.
Even with the supplementary material I’ve got planned, I think it would be too slim a text to merit a print run.  Although, fewer pages means fewer plates, which means cheaper book….  Instead, I’ll format the final draft into an e-book.  And spare the trees.