Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Well, Teratogenesis is into its seventh month.  Yes, I know it’s June and I started in January, but it’s been seven months; you’ll just have to trust me, if you haven’t worked it out yet.

I would count this as a good entry even if it weren’t advancing the plot or character, as it not only references And She Was by Talking Heads, but also Angela Carter’s collection of short stories, The Bloody Chamber.  If you’ve not read it, and you aren’t squeamish, then I whole-heartedly recommend it.  It’s certainly the best book on folk lore I’ve read since I managed to get a collected Brothers Grimm.  Now those are strange stories!

As it happens, we are moving into another arc; although, June has been quite strange, in that everything has been held in suspension as the overall story pivots about it’s centre.  Like a ball tossed in the air, we’ve reached the brief moment when acceleration and gravity are held in balance.  But from here on in, it’s time to roll on toward the finish line.  There are at least three major subplots that will move through before the end and the density of entries will also start to pick up soon.  It’s odd:  I’m just before half way in my word count, I’m just at half way with the plot and I’m just over half way in my schedule.  It could all unravel yet!

Since it was the Summer Solstice yesterday, I can officially unveil the new summer theme as well.  In contrast to this blue and misty site, it’s very orange.