Thursday, June 10, 2010

Faith and…

Today’s Teratogenesis soundtrack is another track from Muse.  I like Muse, but I’m not a massive fan.  However, they do produce excellent cinematic feeling music that is great for setting a mood.  It also helps that most of their music is quite catchy and sticks in your mind.  Hence why it’s used in a lot of trailers and adverts.  And why it makes a second appearance in Teratogenesis.
I’m also beginning to consider my next project a bit more.  There will be similarity of some themes I think, mostly in the fact that I intend to keep presenting the evidence of the story rather than tell it traditionally.  This time, however, it will be a lot more objective than the first-person narrative of a man on the edge of sanity.  I remember that some computer games, particularly adventure games, would come with a host of little artefacts:  cloth maps, coins, scraps of paper, fake Polaroid pictures.   The general term for these was “feelies,” in that they let you “feel” the game and they mostly appeared in games by Infocoms.  The intention is to create a file of documents and paperwork that tell the story.  As the reader roots through these pieces of paperwork, they are able to explore the story at their own pace and in a non-linear fashion.
High falutin’, eh?
It will also be the second instalment of what may become known as my “Universal Monsters” cycle where I present a traditional monster in a new way.