Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Act 2

Well, the first act of Teratogenesis is well and truly over now.

When we first met our protagonist, he was rotten with doubt and fear.  And now he’s starting fights with hooligans.  Not bad for four short months.

However, there is something of a problem with the soundtrack.

I’ve recently starting using the Firefox browser and found that its internal ad-blocker blanks out the music widgets.  Which it’s meant to do, considering that they are, technically, adverts.  However, this is the price of free.  Without those ads, you miss out on the soundtrack, which is used to express the character’s mindset.  It’s also my only revenue stream from Teratogenesis so far, but there are examples where the choice of song betrays more than the character is willing to say.

Still, it’s just a click away (to paraphrase “Gimme Shelter.”)