Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Completely by coincidence, tonight’s Teratogenesis update features the Crowded House song ‘Instinct’ as it’s soundtrack.  Not only is this a great song, but it’s title ties straight into the emerging theme of instincts and intuition.  And, as the update went up, Crowded House were playing ‘Later…’ on BBC 2.

Coincidence is playing a large part in Teratogenesis.  The updates are random points along each arc and yet, by keeping the specifics fairly loose, I allow for little interstices of current events and the plot I’ve had brewing for over three years.  Without allowing for this, I’d not be able to slide a few current affairs references into the background and the whole exercise loses it’s real time aspect.

I think this is a challenge even 24 hasn’t had to face.  Each episode of 24 represents one hour of Jack Bauer’s day, (or rather 45 minutes of his day plus ad breaks.)  Teratogenesis is a whole year in the life of Ru- He Who Chooses Not To Be Named.  In the last twelve hours alone, the UK has had a change in Prime Minister and a whole new government will be taking charge.  Frankly, it would have taken more than a week of déjà vu dreams for me to predict this election and if I had, I’d have made a fortune.  This means a lot of little changes and a change of tone across the nation, which Teratogenesis will be able to adapt to.