Tuesday, March 16, 2010

False Endings.

Today, we come close to the end of the first cycle of Teratogenesis and I finally use “the W-word.”

I’ve mentioned before that Teratogenesis has been moving forward at a predetermined pace, and I don’t think it’s much of a giveaway now to say that it is a lunar cycle that is driving the story.  Essentially, each entry was chosen at a random point between one day and just over a week.  Where it fell on the lunar cycle determined the content of the post; and the events are occurring continuously, just because there has been no post, doesn’t mean nothing has happened!


There I’ve said it, and I’ve finally said it in Teratogenesis, too.  There have been some fairly obvious hints along the way, the dream being the most explicit, but I’ve deliberately avoided the use of that word.  I almost used it last week when the dream subplot reached it’s climax, but left it conspicuously absent.  Even now, given the context in which it’s used, there is still an element of doubt…