Monday, February 22, 2010

Stranger Aeons

I always like to open with a Lovecraft reference.

But the reason I’ve picked this particular quote is that could aptly describe what is happening on The Xaeromancer Project.

Between Teratogenesis and the search for paying work, I’ve not had the opportunity to post anything new on there.  The effort of driving traffic both to this blog and Teratogenesis has been a lot more complicated than I thought.  Suffice to say, I now know more about RSS and optimization and what not than I did last year.

So, given that The Xaeromancer Project “can eternal lie,” it will just have to take a bit  of a back seat for a few “stranger aeons.”  I do have plans for it:

    • Thirteen Candles, the serial based around various pieces of folk lore, will resume, probably on a monthly basis.
    • I intend to start a seasonal theme, where a short story is posted in a specific style or genre.  This will change every couple of months, in an effort to provide diverse writing and to keep pushing myself.  This might even be reflected in the site layout.  But probably not.
    • There is also something of a note pad aspect to the site that I want to emphasise and so, I might start putting up fragmentary works or even bald ideas.
    • Which sort of leads to the next bullet point-  Interactivity.  I think I might reinstate a comment system on what goes up.  This way I’ll know instantly what people like and where I’m going wrong.  You may notice that comments are disabled on this blog…