Thursday, February 25, 2010

Phase 2

The second month of Teratogenesis is over and the plot is finally moving forward.  It should be fairly apparent what the situation is by now, but it will get considerably clearer over the next few months.

Other little details are beginning to appear too, shedding light on our unreliable narrator.  It’s been interesting to develop so deliberately vague a character.  He hasn’t revealed his name, his age, background or profession, although clues are emerging.

It’s quite intriguing to work on as, although each entry is only around 500 words, it is a long form piece so I can slow down the pacing I would normally use for a short story.  There isn’t the need to get the big reveal in before the conclusion, I can build and foreshadow a little more in each chapter.  But there is the constraint of only putting up one screen of text…  To spare your eyes.

It should be obvious by now that there is a pattern and what is causing it.  What shouldn’t be obvious yet is what is actually happening to our protagonist…