Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Pulling nails

Some chapters of Teratogenesis have been easy to write, they’ve just spilled out, straight on to the screen.

Others have been absolutely impossible.

I had two main objectives with this project:

  1. Complete a longer form project.
  2. Get into a regular writing routine.

Teratogenesis is the longest single piece I’ve written to date.  Finishing these last few chapters will bull's-eye my prime objective.  But as to getting into a decent routine, I’ve still got some way to go.

That’s why next year’s project will be a weekly short story.  It’s effectively ramping up the work load of Teratogenesis and loosening the parameters that I’m working in.

Of course, if I manage twenty short stories, I’ll be happy.  But the aim is to push.  And push further.