Thursday, December 30, 2010


It’s strange to think that it is only a year since I started writing Teratogenesis, but today the story has ended.

Teratogenesis:  Thirteen Lunar Months In The Life Of A Lycanthrope.

The closest feeling I have ever felt to this before was when I graduated university.  I’m fairly proud but know I could have done better and the real work is only just about to begin.

There is the editing still to do, any and all volunteers would be very appreciated.  I need a cover for the eBook for which I intend to hold some sort of invitational.  Costing needs to be sorted, a lot easier than with print, but since both Amazon and Google Checkout charge a commission and, for some reason, eBooks are subject to VAT, there is a fair amount of number crunching to get the balance right.  Some sort of promotion should be done.

Not only is there all that (and more, no doubt) but next Saturday sees the start of my weekly short story series.  One a week for a year.  I’ll tell you now: it won’t happen, but we’ll see what the score is this time next year, eh?