Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Keeping the Wolf from the Door

Earlier tonight, I started to design some document template for PDF files.  When doing this there were a few things I had to consider:
  • The use of a serif font.  To someone raised on the Roman alphabet, I simply find serif text easier to read as a "1" is clearly a "1" and not an "I."
  • A clear and clean monochrome format.  This is to provide a standard and stable level of contrast depending on what medium is being used to view the file.
  • Finally, the page needed to be suited to the medium.  Previously, I've formatted for an A4 portrait page and this is not particularly useful in an electronic environment.  The two templates I produced are suited to specific screen sizes: a monitor or a mobile device.  The larger, monitor-scaled template is simply A4 landscape and serves as a print-scale as well, should anyone prefer a traditional "tree corpse" to read from.
After testing the formatting with a few half finished works, I decided that I needed to get something new out.  Which meant raiding my idea horde.  Under the working title of 'Ghost In The Machine,' 'Incompatibility' is based on an old urban legend I read a number of years ago.  In that case, it was based around two teenagers who "meet" over a wrong number.  It's a response to the adverts of certain on-line dating agencies which are winding me up.  As I was writing it, I realized that there were a number of aspects in the technology that wouldn't have been taken for granted a few years ago but are now.

The two versions (screen and mobile) are both on Scribd now.  As I went for the link, I've noticed that they've both been read three times already, so thank you very much for that!

Finally, there are bonus points for anyone who can figure out the significance of the protagonists name.