Thursday, July 15, 2010

Excuses, Excuses

“It could all unravel yet!”

I wish I hadn’t said that two posts back.  It almost did.

Basically, since the end of last month, I’ve been feeling tired and run down.  Not really ill, but severely lacking in motivation.  There was a fairly arduous project on in my day job and that, coupled with poor diet and hay fever, meant I was struggling to come up with anything worthwhile for Teratogenesis.

But I’ve managed to come up with a fantastic excuse for why our protagonist was also offline.  In fact, the story of why he’s been away for so long is probably better than how I would have written the events of the last two weeks.

Also, who is Trudie?  Well, it’s obviously Drury’s real name, which then raises the question of why has he let it slip…