Saturday, April 24, 2010

Life Imitating Art Imitating Life

Apart from the fact that it’s about a werewolf, Teratogenesis is essentially my autobiography.  There are differences between myself and the protagonist, but the similarities are overwhelming.  For example, I’ve never (knowingly) put my name on this blog.

And there are times when synchronicity is more than just an album by The Police.  For example, despite the fact that this chapter of Teratogenesis was originally plotted for 2007, I find myself in a very similar situation to our nameless protagonist.  Which is to say, I’m working and travelling to see my friends.

I plan on behaving much better…

Also, I’ve just received my first rejection letter.  Or rather, email.  Specifically, for a piece of writing.  I’ve had plenty for actual paying work.  Suffice to say, between t’internet and this landmark moment, I know feel much the same as Saturn (the titan, not the planet) about killing my darlings.  This was something that really bothered me, the old “sticking my neck on the line.”  And it also means that I now have a half-baked 500 word story I can develop into something useful.

From the people I’ve spoken to, Teratogenesis has been quite well received.  And that is ultimately the point.  I write what I want to read, what I hope my friends would like (but if they don’t, stuff ‘em, they can read something else instead, no hard feelings.)  Writing isn’t my job; I don’t expect it to feed me or shelter me, there’ll always have to be something else for that.  But writing is my calling, my duty, my dharma and, unfortunately, my one true love.

Unless you are intelligent, charming, gorgeous, and the heiress to a brewery; in which case, YOU are my one true love.