Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Building The Beast

Today marks the start of my first major project of the new year, indeed, new decade.

Not only will the Xaeromancer Project page be regularly updated throughout the year, but I have embarked on an interesting long term project.

Teratogenesis is a web log written in character and will describe the life of its protagonist over the course of a year.  Without giving too much away, the main theme of the piece will be of a sense of dread that manages to pervade every aspect of the narrator’s life.  It will elapse in “real time” over the course of the year, starting today.

You can find it here:  T E R A T O G E N E S I S

Be sure to subscribe to both the Teratogenesis RSS feed and the Glossalia RSS to stay up to date, as Teratogenesis will update according to its own “in-world” schedule and this blog will update as and when new content goes up.

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