Saturday, October 8, 2011

Grinding Exceedingly Fine

That's probably the best way to describe the drafting process for Teratogenesis.  I'm pretty sure that it will take just as long to edit the first draft as it did to write the damn thing.  But progress is being made.  Slowly.

With Halloween coming up, I plan on posting a new ghost story on Scribd.  I've said it now, so I'm committed. In this case, I'm actually fairly interested in peoples input, so let me know in the comments what you're interesting in reading.

I've actually had a bit of a clean up of my Scribd account.  Everything on there is now mobile formatted and I've removed the duplicates  I'm pretty impressed with the way things are going with Scribd.  Unlike Google Docs, which seems to have been "upgraded" so that it's harder to format documents.

Some thought is being given to projects for next year.  It might include revisiting something that I've had locked away for awhile.  Something deemed so horrible, it was never to be unleashed.  Or it could be something a bit more light hearted and considerably different from everything I've put out so far.

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